Po-Rum-Bo: The Game


Po-Rum-Bo Game

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Download The Card / Board Game Box Design

Remove the contents from the box and layout the 81 square game board. Randomly select a player to shuffle one of the two decks of mini playing cards. Once the deck is shuffled, each player draws one card. The player who selects the lowest number plays first. Aces always represent the number "1". During this process, any player who draws a face card must draw again. If there is a tie, the players who tied draw again. After the starting player has been selected, return the cards to the deck. The player counter-clockwise to the starting player must reshuffle the deck. This player then deals eight cards to each player and places the remaining cards face down next to the game board as the draw deck. The two Jokers are not used in Po-Rum-Bo.

When ready, begin play, one play per turn, in a clockwise direction.


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